How I Supercharge My Niche – Part 2

Farmer tending your nicheUse a SWOT Analysis to evaluate your potential niche

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I use a SWOT analysis to evaluate my potential niches. I really try keep it simple as I want to rank my niches pretty quickly, but thoughtfully. I apply a two axis SWOT analysis to my potential niches. One Axis is relative to me, the other axis is relative to the market.

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Email Address Scraping – Entering Graydom

email address scrapingTo be sure, email address scraping deserves an ethical discussion, certainly, in some jurisdictions, perhaps there exist legal consequences that have substantial penalties. That said, perhaps there are legitimate applications for using an email scraping tool like Email Extractor 14. Continue reading

10 Ideas for Better Blogging

Just imagine if you developed one of the most popular blogs in your niche. Think of how much money you could make selling your products or affiliate products. Imagine how big your list would be. And when you were ready to exit the business, just imagine how much money you’d make selling your corner of the web.

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Differentiating Synonyms in Keyword Research

As you probably know most people rely on search engines when they need to find any kind of information these days. That is why keyword research is so important, because it allows you to understand what your target visitors and customers are looking for, how they are searching for it, and how frequently they are doing so. Continue reading

aWeber – Auto-Responder Fully Loaded

It’s Not Just Hyperbole. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made has been not deploying sophisticated auto-responders, visitor capture forms, and squeeze pages by a service like aWeber. I have always developed and deployed my own code. Continue reading

I Have Been (am) a Chump

Plenty O’ friends would laugh halfheartedly and agree that I still am. I can do a few interesting human tricks. Here’s one, I can ride rollers with a chihuahua on my shoulders while the boys throw spent pistachio shells at me with the lights out. As for affiliate marketing, well I guess I suck. Continue reading